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"Never have I expected that a book will understand the entirety of my thoughts as a young entrepreneur— Love At First Sale perfectly encapsulates the rollercoaster journey that entrepreneurs go through, but never really dare talk about. An easy read that’s concise, bold, and very brave!"

- Ace Gapuz, CEO, Blogapalooza

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"If you’re ever looking for some tips and tricks on how to make money, then this book is for you. Love At First Sale talks about how you can transform a small amount of money into a six-figure business."

- When In Manila

I started my company almost 5 years ago fresh out of college, with no capital and no experience.

But by going against common beliefs of starting a business, I’ve built a business that makes over PHP4M a year. All without doing a business loan, getting investors, or marketing ourselves.

Here's what I'll be sharing in my book:


Embrace Naivety

Naive is good. Being naive helps you explore ideas that haven't been done before. You're not weighed down by preconceived notions of how a business should work.


Validate Your Business Without Spending

Spending money without a validated idea is a recipe for disaster. I break down ways on how to test out your idea with spending a single cent.


Break Down Big Goals

Most people get overwhelmed at where they want to be. Building a business from scratch might seem scary. Breaking down your goals into bite-sized pieces helps you get closer to where you want to be.


Work With What You're Good At

There's no need to reinvent the wheel. Innovation is overrated. Go back to your roots and find what you're good at.


Work On Something That You Love

Building a business is hard. There will be days where you won't want to get up from bed. But by working on something you love, the struggle becomes way easier.


And More!

What's Inside:

STAGE 1: Guiding Principles

  • Innovation Through Naivety
  • Sticking With The Basics
  • The 80/20 Rule
  • Making Friends
  • Last But Not Least, Don’t Forget to Make Money

STAGE 2: Where To Start?

  • Finding What You’re Good At
  • Validating Ideas Without Breaking The Bank
  • How To Break Down Your Goals And Not Be Overwhelmed
  • Funding Your Business (And Why You Should Keep Investors as a Last Resort)

STAGE 3: Your First Sale

  • Coming From Empathy
  • Standing Your Ground
  • Getting Paid To Learn
  • You Made Your First Sale. Now What?

STAGE 4: Building My Team

  • Find Your First Hire
  • Finding What You’re NOT Good At
  • Crafting The Business Around Your Team
  • Being a Vulnerable and Transparent Leader

STAGE 5: Day-To-Day

  • Projections, Projections, Projections
  • Become the Next Facebook? Or the Next Basecamp?
  • Competitors, and Why You Should Focus On Yourself

STAGE 6: What’s Next?

  • Marketing Your Company
  • Marketing Yourself
  • Building Tech Around Your Business
  • Building New Product Lines and Expanding Into New Markets

STAGE 7: Just Have Fun

  • Happy Boss, Happy Business
  • Burnout vs. Burn-up
  • Work Is Not Everything
  • This Is Only The Beginning

Bonus Stuff

Work on your dreams today.

One day, or day one. YOU decide. - Paulo Coelho

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